The online dossier
for your pet

All medical data of your pet at one location: treatments, illnesses, symptoms, vaccinations, weight, notes. Enjoy easy visits to the vet! Whether you care for a gecko, cat or horse, the pet dossier is available to all kinds of pets.

Straightforward visits to the vet

You have to visit the vet with your pet and you would like to inform them to the best of your possibilities about the pet's health situation. But you don't remember all the different measurements from the last lab report. You keep everything of your pet filed in a folder, but you don't have it with you. Then you remember that you took a photo of the report. After scrolling by your many photos from your last vacation, you finally find the photo of the report.

We believe this should be easier.

You show your PetDossier card to your vet. They scan the QR code on the card and immediately have access to all information about your pet. All illnesses, symptoms, medication and reports are immediately accessible.

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All health data in one location

  • Illnesses and treatments

    All illnesses and treatments in chronological order.

  • Documents and photos

    Attach lab reports or photos directly to an illness or treatment.

  • Vaccinations

    A digital vaccination booklet with reminder emails for the next pending vaccination.

Tracking of health data

  • Weight

    Larger changes in weight could hint to problems in the environment or an illness. Track the weight of your pet in the online pet dossier.

  • Symptoms and anomalies

    Some symptoms are harmless and disappear, others should be observed and treated. In the latter situation, it's helpful to have tracked the symptoms so that you can check when they first appeared.

Share your pet dossier

  • With your vet

    Share your pet dossier with your vet by handing them the QR code or a shareable link. On your next visit to the vet, all information is readily accessible.

  • With others

    If you want to, you can give access to your pet dossier to anyone who cares for your pet.


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